Molecular Zoology School 2010



Anna Zhadan. Marine life at the WSBS

Ninolai Mugue. Collection and fixation of samples, DNA extraction.

Nikolai Mugue Introduction to PCR

Nikolai Mugue PCR-based methods for genetic analysis

Tatiana Neretina Dulihia story

Mikhail Matz Coral genomics story

Mikhail Matz. Using qPCR to study local adaptation in reef-building coral

Mikhail Matz qPCRto study freshwater adaptation and acclimatization in sticklebacks

Nikolai Mugue Stickleback story


DNA extraction with "Gadjiev" kit

Salt DNA lab extraction protocol and original publication

Wizard SV Genomic
DNA Purification System

Wizard PCR Preps DNA
Purification System

PCR with barcoding primers


Matz's protocols

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